President Uhuru loses his cool, calls the errant members of his party ‘washenzi’

President Uhuru Kenyatta lost his cool at a public event in Mombasa last week and vehemently rubbished growing rebellion within the ruling jubilee party.

In an unprecedented turn of events, Uhuru went ahead and branded members of his party instigating rebellion against his leadership style as ‘ washenzi’ who must leave him alone.

The president appeared clearly provoked by remarks made by a section of legislators from the ruling party who expressed displeasure at the “lack of development” in the Kenyatta’s political strongholds.

It all began when Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria called on his constituents to rethink their support for Jubilee over what he termed as lack of development even though the region has religiously voted overwhelmingly to President Kenyatta.

In his new year’s message, Kuria appeared to blame Kenyatta for ignoring his support base while he has allegedly initiated development in regions that voted for the opposition almost to the last man.

“As we enter 2019, you must think … our responsibility is not just to vote and after voting, we take development to other regions.

That kind of nonsense must stop,” Kuria told a charged crowd that had converged at Thika Stadium to celebrate the New Year.

Kuria was not alone in condemnation of the president. His Bahati counterpart Kimani Ngunjiri said President Kenyatta had neglected “his people,” adding that the Kikuyu community continues to suffer under the Jubilee administration.

The outspoken lawmaker went ahead and called on President Kenyatta to relinquish his position and call for fresh elections if the presidency had become too hot for him.

These rumbles became a subject of rebuke from President Kenyatta when he commissioned the regeneration of Mama Ngina waterfront project in Mombasa.

President Uhuru Kenyatta charged that politicians to shelve narrow political interests and concentrate on working together in serving Kenyans.

“Individual interests of leaders should not be allowed to override the welfare of Kenyans. We need to work together to ensure Kenyans get affordable houses, provide universal health coverage, create jobs through enhancing manufacturing and ensuring food security and nutrition” President Uhuru said.

The President said there was nothing wrong for him to work with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for the benefit of all the over 45 million Kenyans, saying people should stop politicizing the move.

“Every citizen is entitled to development regardless of where the leader comes from. Kwa hivyo hao washenzi wawachane na mimi (so can the fools leave me alone).”

The political tantrums by the two legislators appear to have been a direct assault at President Kenyatta’s new found friendship with Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The two recently launched the pilot phase of the universal health coverage at Odinga’s backyard. Indeed, the Head of State would immediately commend the former Prime Minister for putting aside personal interests and agreeing to the ‘ handshake’ aimed at uniting the country.

“What is wrong if Raila Odinga says we work together to achieve Universal Health Coverage?

What is wrong if we work together to develop Mombasa and make it rival Dubai?” President Uhuru posed.

Raila thanked Kenyatta for his efforts to unite the country, saying that those engaged in the 2022 succession politics were slowing down the country’s development momentum.

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Author: By Correspondent Eric Biegon

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