Higher prices to Kilombero cane growers impress Deputy Minister

The Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Omary Mgumba has commended Kilombero Sugar Company (KSC) for paying good prices to the Kilombero cane farmers who contribute 40 per cent of cane crushed by the factory per annum.

The Deputy Minister noted that cane farmers across the country consider KSC as one of the sugar companies in the country with the highest prices for their outgrowers.

Mgumba made the remarks during his recent tour of the Kilombero Sugar Company as part of his official visit to sugar companies in Morogoro Region.

“When I spoke to cane growers during my tour in other sugar companies, kept on referring KSC as the only sugar company which offers satisfactory prices for their outgrowers,” he said, adding that their request to me was that they want to get good prices for their cane like Kilombero growers, for this I accolade Kilombero Sugar for setting up a good example.

As per last season records, KSC paid outgrowers 102,000/- per tonne of cane while other local sugar companies paid growers between 57,000/- and 58,000/- per tonne.

He was impressed by the model of operation of Kilombero Sugar Company which highly involves cane farmers from the Kilombero valley.

The KSC informed the minister of their intent to expand the factory which the deputy minister supported saying the government is keen to protect local sugar industries for the benefit of the country.

He urged cane farmers to wait for a go ahead from the sugar company before they embark on producing more sugar cane as the company is still in the process of doing more research.

Speaking earlier, KSC Managing Director, Guy Williams said that at this point the sugar company is still in the process of conducting a detailed feasibility study around an expansion project which includes doing research in the Kilombero valley to find out if there is a possibility of acquiring more cane from the farmers.

He urged all farmers to be patient and wait for the final results before planting cane.

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Author: By DAILY NEWS Reporter

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