16 villages to get reliable water service

CHRONIC water shortage in 16 villages of Chamwino District will soon be a thing of the past after the government teaming up with Innovation Africa, a nonprofit organisation, carries out implementation of a number of water projects in the area.

District Water Engineer Godfrey Mbabaye, said here recently that feasibility study for the projects was complete in most villages, adding that upon completion of the projects, the residents in the 16 villages will be getting reliable and constant water service.

“Presently, the residents rely on water wells which become dry in several times in the year as a result of drought in the region,” pointed out the District Water Engineer. Dodoma is one of the semi arid regions which experience only one rainy season in a year, however it is blessed with plenty of underground water.

Engineer Mbabaye mentioned the villages to benefit from the water project in Chilonwa Constituency as Magungu, Segala, Nayu, Azimio, Ikombo, Msamalo, Manchali, Nzali and Chinonje, Handali, Champumba, Nkwenda, Mondomela and Muheme in Mtera Constituency.

Others are Umoja, Magunga, Mgondo, Mkandamile, Mahama, Ndebwe where Innovation Africa will finance the project. According to Engineer Mbabaye, the construction work to lay down water pipeline has already started after completing the Mkandamile Village one, where currently they have a water tank and a water pumping station.

He hinted that other ongoing water project in Chamwino is ‘Mkaji’ programme which is geared towards upgrading water supply and sanitation systems in public health facilities.

Engineer Mbabaye pointed out that the beneficiaries of the project would be the health facilities under Mkaji programme, including Ilangali, Msanga, Dabalo, Mahelezi, Chinungulu, Idifu and Mlowa Bwawani.

Speaking to reporters recently, the residents of Mahama Village appealed to the government to draw water services closer to their villages and in turn save them from long treks to seek it.

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Author: LUDOVICK KAZOKA in Dodoma

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