Dependency level drops in Zanzibar

Dependency among Zanzibaris has decreased to 5.1pc in 2018/18 from 7.3pc in 2017/18.

This was said by the President of the Revolution Government of Zanzibar, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein, earlier today, when he led the 55th Zanzibar Revolution Commemoration.

Dr Shein said the success has been highly geared by the Tanzania government’s efforts to elevate its economy, resulting in the increase in revenue collection.

“We have witnessed an increase in revenue collection from 528bn/- in 2016/17 to 688.7bn/- in 2017/18 in the islands,” he told.

Dr Shein continued saying such economic milestones have accelerated the improvement and accessibility of social services like electricity whereas by December 2018, about 2,694 of 3,259 villages in Unguja and Pemba had access to electricity.

“We are aiming at all villages getting access to electricity come 2022, as it is now 83 per cent,” he added.


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