Nditiye irked by over 600m/- revamped ATCL workshop

THE government has expressed its dismay at Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) as regards tenders and budgetary planning for renovation of its defunct airplane services’ workshop at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA).

Deputy Minister for Transport and Communications, Atashasta Nditiye, who toured the workshop on Thursday, said he was not happy with the decision to issue different tenders, with one of renovating the floor, roof and toilets costing a whopping 624m/-.

The minister said there was no reason for ATCL to split the tenders and he did not see how the first tender could cost so much money, yet ATCL management and its board of directors seemed not to be serious in following up of the renovation that was in final stages, leaving many areas untouched.

He unveiled that the plan was to start services of ATCL planes this February, something he ruled out, since other tenders had not even been floated, let alone start of the work. He said it would have been better if ATCL floated a general tender for the whole thing and even if it cost 2bn/- work would be going well and finished on time.

“This (workshop) has been handed to a private company, but not it is back to the government. It is strategically an important infrastructure as a workshop for servicing our aircraft, but I can say the ATCL management must be serious in the way it handles tenders and follows up the renovation.

“They (senior) officers do not inspect, instead they send some other people. There was no logic to separate the tenders and I cannot see how this one (renovation of the floor, roof that leaks and toilets cost such sum of money,” he said, calling on the board and ATCL management to pull up their socks and make necessary amends, vowing to make a thorough follow-up on the use of money issued.

He said all that had been done up to now meant to cause a loss to the government. Workshop Renovation Project Manager, Hamisi Kazimoto said they would complete their portion of renovation as planned, avoiding many questions from the minister and Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Anna Mghwira and Kilimanjaro Regional Administrative Secretary Faith Amour, saying such subjects were not part of his contract.

Engineer Nditiye said there was still much to be done in the tender to be floated, as the building needed full refurbishment in the rooms upstairs used as offices, classes for the aviation university being set up, pumping, hydrogen room, lightning as well as the whole plumbing system.

He was not happy to see most rooms were dirty, with dust and cobwebs, filthy glass and many rooms and places partly dark, asking why could not the contractor purchase even some 5,000/- bulbs or tube lights from the money they were given and clean the area.

He was, however, impressed by the way Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) was working on its radar installation at Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) and KIA. He toured JNIA on Wednesday before going to KIA.

TCCIA Manager at KIA, Elizabeth Sangawe said the work was almost 90 per cent accomplished, including the radar tower, equipment rooms and the guide booth. She unveiled that installing the radar at KIA was pertinent as the airfield was near Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.

Author: DEUS NGOWI in Arusha

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