Hold 173 absentee students, parents, Wangabo directs

RUKWA Regional Commissioner (RC), Joachim Wangabo has directed Nkasi District government to follow up and arrest 173 absentee students and their parents to ensure they resume classes.

The RC said he was compelled to reach such a decision after being briefed that 173 students were yet to report to Korongwe Beach Secondary School.

Equally, he directed the Nkasi District government to ensure village and ward executive officers and members of the district defence and security committee mounted an operation to ensure all absentee students were back to school.

He insisted that arresting parents would deter others, who prevented their children from continuing with their studies without having good reasons to do so.

“I’m told that 173 students have not yet reported to school and this is unacceptable.

District commissioner, make sure all of them are arrested together with their parents until all students go back to school,” directed the RC.

Mr Wangabo issued such a directive, while he was at Korongwe Beach Secondary School in Nkasi District.

The RC also witnessed the reception of Form One students, who had last year passed their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) and 50 candidates were selected to join the school.

However, out of the 50 students, only 17 have reported to school so far.

Earlier, school head teacher, Nicomedi Ntepele listed some challenges facing the school, including absenteeism, a shortage of classrooms, a shortage of staff houses and lack of water.

“Worse still parents are unwilling to allow their daughters to stay at a hostel since it was constructed,” added Mr Ntepele.

In another development, Acting Nkasi District Executive Director (DED), Missana Kwangula agreed to let boys to be accommodated to the hostel after it turned to be a ‘white elephant’ after the RC gave a schoolboy, Ibrahim Musa airtime.

After being given airtime Musa said: “We boys walk long distances to and from school daily.

We humbly ask the RC to construct a boys’ hostel.”

Acting DED Kwangula replied, saying the hostel was constructed to accommodate girls because they were facing several challenges.

“But since the hostel was constructed girls were unenthusiastic to use it and it is now a white elephant, as council we have the power to allow boys to use it instead of constructing another one,” he said.

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Author: From PETI SIYAME, in Nkasi

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