Local contractors warned of shoddy works

THE Contractors Registration Board (CRB) has announced stern measures against local contractors, who will be implicated in undertaking shoddy works. 

CRB Registrar, Rhoben Nkori told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday that the board would look into all shoddy works and had already embarked on a number of actions, including reporting all poorly implemented works to the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) for legal action. 

“We are following up all directives issued by national leaders, when visiting construction projects undertaken by local contractors. We have deployed investigators for verification at construction sites and take immediate action accordingly,” he said.

According to the registrar, for the last two years the board has de-registered over 40 local contractors for incompetence, while over 4,000 out of 13,000 contractors have been reprimanded, including being suspended for violating best practises, while the remaining 9,000 “are to watch their steps.” 

The registrar challenged the contractors to form joint ventures to manage major projects implemented by foreign companies, citing some of the works, where such joint ventures and professionalism had paid them off. 

He mentioned the projects as those under the Tanzania Rural and Urban Road Agency (Tarura), whose projects (over 90 per cent them), were implemented by local contractors and Rural Energy Agency (REA). 

“So, we remind them to remain professional and accountable and avoid submitting bids with uncalled for overhead costs, which risk many of them losing tenders,” said Mr Nkori. 

Earlier, CRB Chairperson, Consolatha Ngimbwa told local contractors to work hard and competitively short of which they risked being redundant for lack of accountability and professionalism. 

Ms Ngimbwa said yesterday that local contractors needed to change, especially, when undertaking public works. She also challenged them to shun business as usual if they really wanted to survive in the workplace. 

She said there had been great strides in the government tendering system, especially since the fifth phase government assumed office, but local contractors would not effectively benefit from the opportunity if they remained divided. 

“The government tendering system has improved drastically in recent years, where corruption issues have been combated vigorously. This calls for you to compete and win those available tenders short of which you won’t survive,” she warned. 

Over 100 local contractors from the Lake Zone gathered for three-day training to sharpen their knowledge in tendering procedures and other best practices governing their operations. 

According to her, one of the bottlenecks facing many local contractors is to prepare and submit poor bidding contractors. She thus challenged them to hire qualified consultants for the purpose. 

She said failure for them to work on shortcomings regularly highlighted by her board, they would keep on crying foul play, as many major tenders were won by foreign companies, which met requisite criteria. 

However, she said there were few local contractors, who were competitive and had secured jobs as subcontractors in advertised major projects taken by foreign companies, but that shouldn’t make them lose available opportunities. 

Some of the contractors commended the government for improving a culture of doing business in the construction industry such as the elimination of corruption. 

Mr Eliud Lusaga from Assa General Supply and Construction Company said unlike in the past they were facing fewer cases of corruption, but was concerned about stiff competition in winning tenders.

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Author: PIUS RUGONZIBWA in Mwanza

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