School gets over 30m/- aid from Chinese embassy

IT was all smiles for Msinga Primary School in Moshi after it received a 32m/- aid from the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania. The financial aid will help the school in Moshi Rural District to renovate part of its infrastructure, according to Director for the Centre for Foreign Relations (CFR), Innocent Shiyo, who is also a school alumnus.

“The Chinese support has come at an opportune time, when our school faces infrastructural challenges such as lack of modern latrines,” observed the diplomat. He emphasised that the funds would be for the improvement of school’s infrastructure, particularly toilets, whose construction began early this year.

According to the CFR director, the financial support was deposited direct in the school’s bank account. He said the school would start with the construction and renovation of pupils’ toilets, which he said would cost 26m/-, while the remaining amount would be used for fixing teachers’ toilets.

“I’m humbly grateful to the Chinese Embassy for support to our school, which faces numerous challenges,” he said.

The support follows the ambassador’s visit to the school in 2007, where he took note of the school’s lack of toilets for students and teachers, the dining hall and houses for teachers.

For her part, Msinga Primary School Acting Head Teacher, Martina Mrosso said the school would have a new look after the construction of toilets. She noted that the school still faced water challenges, appealing to well-wishers to help them.

“During the rainy season classrooms get flooded forcing us to suspend lessons,” she said.

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Author: QUEEN ISACK in Moshi

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