Zanzibar gets first DNA testing machine

CHIEF Government Chemist Laboratory Agency (CGCLA) has opened a new building and launched a DNA testing machine to facilitate effective service delivery in research, especially in health.

Some members of the public, including the health staff and judiciary officers, who were at the event commended CGCLA for having the modern and first DNA machine in Zanzibar.

“We have been waiting for the DNA machine for a long time to help us identify criminals linked to genderbased violence,” Ms Asha Khatib, who is a parent, said after the news about DNA machine spread.

After officiating at the opening of the CGCLA new building and launch of the DNA machine, President Ali Mohamed Shein commended the agency and the health personnel for the development, asking them to be fair in their work.

“I hope DNA testing will speed up the hearing of abuse cases. Rape, defilement and murder cases requiring blood analysis will easily be dealt with. But those dealing with blood analysis must be precise in their work,” Dr Shein said at the event, which was among the functions listed to mark the 55th anniversary of Zanzibar Revolution.

He urged the CGCLA staff to be creative and innovative so that they could use modern equipment, including the DNA machine, to conduct research for public interest. He said many achievements in development had been witnessed in the past five decades in various sectors, including health, but urged civil servants to work hard and win public trust by providing better services.

Acting Minister for Health Rashid Ali Juma said the new CGCLA building included a lab with modern equipment and enough space for offices, while Ministry of Health Principal Secretary, Asha Ali Abdalla informed the gathering that the new building was constructed by a local firm, Millennium Engineering Company, at 2.8bn/-.

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Author: DAILY NEWS reporter in Zanzibar

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