Tanzanian envoys need support, better preparations

TANZANIA’S football fans and its stakeholders are expecting a lot from our envoys; Simba and Serengeti Boys who are involved in the big continental level assignments.

Simba, who grabbed a ticket to play in CAF Champions League’s group stage made history by eliminating a tough Zambian side, Nkana on 4-3 aggregate while the national Under- 17 team; Serengeti Boys are engaged in African youth Championship an event that offers four tickets for the World U-17 Champions.

What impressed everyone during Simba’s clash with both Mbabane Swallows who were punished 8-1 and in Nkana, was a huge support from fans and supporters.

The 60,000- seater National Stadium was fully packed, something that baffled even Simba’s rivals.

Good attendance means people’s support, hence making many people attend matches to cheer our envoys should be emphasised.

We don’t have any doubt about Simba since their sky-high success has already lured a huge support from fans and stakeholders, but it is not the same for the public-owned Serengeti Boys and their CAF U-17 Championship.

We think the government and the football governing body (TFF) must start promoting the events our envoys are engaged to, especially the CAF U-17 tournament while we continue drilling our young boys for the event.

Hosting the continental level football event for the first time might pose certain challenges to Tanzania, but what is an obvious thing is that sports venues are potentially meeting points for business people.

We must put into the consideration that there is a need for government to invest in modern sports infrastructure across the country that would encourage participation and lead to the discovery of more talents. One of the ways sports can be better marketed is when sports grounds have facilities that make it comfortable for everyone to visit and have a good time – restrooms, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, concert venues, etc.

With more sports venues we would see an increase in sports business activity as there would be more participants and events.

Private individuals can then sponsor competitions and teams and ensure that sports grow across the country.

The sports industry has a lot of potential in Tanzania, but we must start by paying greater attention to marketing. Perception is important for success.

IT is always noble to remind people ...

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