Let love, unity and peace lead to foster development in 2019

THE dust from the New Year celebrations is still to settle as the euphoria that gripped humanity, throughout the world, of crossing over from one year to the other alive is still evident in many people. Though some people are still to come to terms with reality, others are now counting their losses and have developed chronic headaches not knowing how they will manage all the debts and bills that are awaiting them this month. 

January has for eons been known as a difficult year for many people and is notorious for being long, while in the actual sense it is just like any other month. And, now that we have crossed into 2019, there is need for everyone to get down to work for the betterment of not only their families, but also of the nation. 

Tanzania is known as a haven of peace and wananchi have done a great job in preserving it over a long period of time. The year 2019, should not be an exception. With local government elections around the corner, the electorate should shun being used by politicians by engaging in activities that disrupt peace. 

Though the police are ready to handle any situation that arises, it is our duty as wananchi to make sure that we preserve peace. As a nation, we also need to unite. We might belong to different political parties, different religions or different tribes, but the bottom line is we are Tanzanians and this is our country.

So, there is need for us to unite and support one another, especially the government in implementing development projects and even revenue collection.

On the other hand there is need to let love lead so that there can be unit and peace. All these factors will lead to the country moving forward in terms of development. There are many countries in the world that have remained just a shadow of former self after being ravaged by civil wars and internal disturbances. 

There is need therefore for each and everyone in this country to play his or her own role in making sure that the country realises its dream of becoming industrialised. And, this cannot be achieved without peace, unity and love. Let 2019 be a year of love, peace and unity, the rest will come automatically.

IT is always noble to remind people ...

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