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Peace messages beautify Xmas

Peace messages beautify Xmas

…clergies condemn homosexuality, abortions

CHRISTIANS in the country joined their colleagues worldwide to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago amid preaching of peace and condemnation of homosexuality by religious leaders.

The clerics further raised concern over an alarming adultery and murder of unborn children through abortions. They warned against the resurfacing of new colonialism under the pretext of adultery and homosexuality, imploring all Tanzanians to remain bold and stand firm against the vices.

Speaking during the Christmas Mass homilies yesterday, Bishops Renatus Nkwande of the Roman Catholic and Philip Mapuja of the Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) in Mwanza, urged the country to carefully handle the trend, asking the national leaders to strongly preserve the national values.

Preaching during the Christmas Eve Mass at Bugando Parish, Bishop Nkwande asked all people of God to vehemently condemn neocolonialism through homosexuality, saying the war against the evil needed joint efforts.

“The acts of adultery and homosexuality are becoming common today and worse still, they are publicly trumpeted in our countries. We are being driven back to the eras of Cain and Abel…actually, the fresh generation of Cain—the greatest sinner is here with us.

Let us fight hard to restore our values,” he said. Bishop Nkwande who doubles as the spiritual caretaker of Mwanza Archdiocese, challenged Christians to pray for the nation and specifically for President John Magufuli, the chief commander in the fight against all evils in the country.

He asked public leaders to remain ethical, credible and refrain from corruption and theft of public properties, charging that some public leaders had almost all their possessions amassed illegally.He further decried the provision of licences to illegal businesses on the pretext of broadening revenue collections and tax base.

Bishop Nkwande accused parents in modern families of failure to bring up children to become God-fearing adults. Citing examples, he deplored couples and individuals who embrace abortion, which is against the will of God who created children as a reward to families.

“I challenge parents to keep their families and care them in good manners…children in families are our Christmas and pride, through them we can see God,” he remarked.

And, during the Christmas Mass yesterday morning, Bishop Mapuja asked all worshipers to thank God for Tanzania and President Magufuli whom he referred to as a true ‘prophet’.

Bishop Mapuja was bitter with some malpractices, including sex corruption increasingly reported in academic, economic and social life cycles, describing the crimes as dangerous and disruptive to good morals in the society.

He warned politicians, challenging them to properly lead the people and avoid hatred speeches and divisive languages that may disrupt peace and harmony.

More importantly, politicians and public leaders must observe justice and play their role in making communities better places to live through reconciling people in conflicts, he said.

AICT Head Bishop Mussa Mabwesela, in his brief message, said as citizens pray for God to guide the nation this Christmas, public leaders should learn to be guided as well and lead their people to prosperity.

Bishop Mabwesela asked for God to land his hand to President Magufuli whose last three years at the helm has demonstrated true leadership in almost all aspects.

“President Magufuli has done well in his first three years in office and let us pray that he eventually completes his term well and leads the country to the ambitious middle income and industrialised economy.

Our church supports his direction and aspirations,” he said. Earlier, Mwanza Regional Commissioner John Mongela who attended both masses thanked the Bishops for utilising well the televised occasions to address the nation with spiritual messages.

He asked them to extend their prayers for President Magufuli and the entire nation. He said the national Christmas celebrations in the region this year will be cherished by all worshipers, calling for Mwanza residents to observe peace throughout the year end festivals.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania’s (ELCT) East and Coastal Diocese Bishop Alex Malasusa condemned same sex marriages, which he said should never be tolerated in the pretext of human rights because the evil is completely against the Holy Scripture.

“There are claims that same sex marriages are part of human rights, what about God’s rights? Which one should overrule,” he queried. Citing the Bible, Dr Malasusa said during creation, God created man and his helper—the woman.

Bishop Malasusa, the retired ELCT Head, said he was once asked to choose between incorporating same sex marriages in the church or lose financial aids from abroad, “My choice was clear.”

He added, “God told me ‘let them take away the money and everything but leave you with the Cross of Jesus.” Dr Malasusa counselled believers to fearlessly preach the word of God for Jesus was born in the manger and so he did not come only for the rich but for all humanity.

He said the society is under possession of the devil’s agents who are instilling fear but Christians had an obligation to conquer it through living a righteous life “The good angel is coming with the message that we should not fear, Jesus Christ is born, his work is to bridge and reconnect our lost connection with God,” he said.

Priest Felix Mkude of St Maurus Catholic Church in Dar es Salaam asked Christians to continually embrace peace, faith and love in promoting and maintaining the nation’s solidarity. Preaching during the Christmas’ Eve, he said people should not be tolerant only in advent period, but all their life time.

Available data define advent time as the season observed in many Christian churches as time of expectant waiting and preparation for both the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas and His return at the Second Coming.

The term is the version of the Latin word meaning ‘coming’. “Jesus is born to liberate us, human beings. We have prepared for Christmas and doing good deeds throughout this Advent season, let faith and peace continue to dominate in our souls and the nation all the time,” said the Priest.

At St Alban’s Anglican Cathedral, Diocese of Dar es Salaam, Reverend Meshack Malilo urged the church followers to maintain peace, which comes only when people are acting justly.

He said that people should assess how regularly their brain convinces them to do justice, stressing, “When you do justice, you also make peace. Let us all the time do it in our hearts, families and nation at large.”

Reverend Malilo also advised people who take alcohol to ensure that their happiness doesn’t harm others during and after Christmas celebrations.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporters

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