Kigoma to build regional cassava market

KIGOMA plans to build a first international market for cassava products in Kasulu district in the region.

The construction of the market estimated to 390m/- aims to boost the cassava market access to East and Central African countries.

The market to be built at Mvugwe village in Kasulu is the part of Kigoma Joint Programme that will be implemented jointly by 16 United Nation Agencies.

Kigoma Joint Programme Coordinator, Evance Sangicha mentioned some of the agencies that will participate on implementation of the project include United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), United Nation Community Development Fund (UNCDF) and United Nation Industrial Development Organisation (UNID).

Others are Kasulu Districts Councils and Small Industrial Development Organisation (SIDO) and as well as Kigoma residents.

Kasulu Town Director, Ms Fatina Hussein, said the council apart from involving in construction of the market it also embarked on campaign to enable farmers to increase cassava production by imparting latest farming skills.

Also, the director said, the council will provide credit to small groups dealing with farming and processing of cassava. Ms Hussein said so far they have already identified some groups dealing with farming and processing of crop.

“We have visited them to make sure first they have a strong leadership…and helping them to write feasible business plans,” Ms Hussein said.

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Author: From FADHILI ABDALLAH in Kigoma

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