Major sunflower factory in pipeline for Serengeti District

SERENGETI District is set to have a major sunflower processing plant that will create about 200 jobs, the District Commissioner (DC), Mr Nurdin Babu said on Thursday.

He said that a local investor will spend about 1.5bn/- to set up the factory at Ngarawani area.

“We expect the factory to be ready by August next year (2019)), and it will create 200 direct employment opportunities to our people,” Mr Babu told the ‘Daily News ‘

The DC said that at the same time another local investor is setting up another sunflower factory at Nyamoko village, which will create about 20 jobs in the same district.

“I will be launching construction of the other factory at Nyamoko on December 17 this year. Both investors are Tanzanians,” he said.

Mr Babu said that currently the district has seven factories, including a 146 ml- modern maize processing factory.

“Out of the seven factories, five are functioning. We also have another factory which produces well packaged cassava flour at Miseke village. The cassava flour attracts market from different parts of the country, including Dar es Salaam and major super markets,” he said.

The DC further said that the district also has two major bakeries which were put up in the district recently.

“In the past, we used to rely on bread from Dar es Salaam or Arusha, but now we have two factories in Serengeti that produce quality bread,” he said.

Construction of the factories, he said, is part of the ongoing efforts aimed at having an industrial economy which is one of the top priorities of the current administration under President John Magufuli.

Author: MUGINI JACOB in Mara

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