PSPTB sets course for online registration

PROCUREMENT and Supplies Professionals and Technicians Board (PSPTB), is finalizing its e-portal which will enable procurement and supplies professionals to make online registration applications.

Chairperson of PSPTB, Dr Helen Bandiho, said here on Wednesday that the system which will start operations in January next year, will enable the board to get information on civil servants in the procurement sector.

“The portal will facilitate service provision to our stakeholders, hence improving the level of efficiency in operations,” said the PSPTB’s Chairperson during the Annual PSPTB conference.

According to Dr Bandiho, the system, which will be run by the e-Government Agency (egA), is aimed at improving the ease of doing operations. She appealed to the government to appoint at least one member who is a procurement professional in the board of directors for public institutions to give technical advice to the institutions while carrying out procurement activities.

“This will enable public institutions to observe public procurement regulations in reaching agreement for provision of goods and service,” she said.

Dr Bandiho observed further that board of directors of public institutions should conduct evaluation on plans endorsed by the board after every quarter of the year and direct management of the public institutions on disciplinary steps to be taken in case of any irregularities in public procurement.

“Public Procurement Act gives mandate to board of directors to take disciplinary steps against public servants who will be involved in violation of procurement regulations,” she said.

As for PSPTB Annual Conference, Dr Bandiho said four topics will be presented before the event, pointing out the topics as Procurement Innovation: A fundamental tool for Tanzania Infrastructure Development Move and Impact of Emerging Information Technologies on Supply Chain Innovation.

She mentioned other topics as Procurement Development Move in Tanzania: Role of Procurement and Supplies Professionals and Enhancing e-Procurement for efficiency and effective service delivery.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporters

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