Phone technicians graduate

ATLEAST 68 phone technicians on Thursday graduated in repair of Electronic Communications Equipment Course at Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), with Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) directing all technicians county-wide to register their businesses.

The Authority Director of Legal Services, Mr John Daffa said during the graduation ceremony that, business registration was for both graduates and non-graduates, to make easy the adherent to legal and ethics governing the mobile phone and electronic device repair.

"Adhering to legal and ethics will also serve in the fight against cyber crime acts. We therefore urge all technicians to attend the courses so that they can expand their business, which in turn, will result in to promoting industrialisation and create more jobs," he said.

He stressed that lack of knowledge to most technicians has been for high extent engineering cyber crimes through, among others, disassembling the stolen phones and fix the spares in other phones as well as changing the identification numbers, commonly known as an IMEI, hence, conflicting police investigations on thefts.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications, Dr Jim Yonazi who represented his Minister praised DIT and TCRA efforts on introduction of the courses, saying the move will also contribute in to an increase of technicians' income as people will be seeking only licensed technicians to repair their devices.

He reiterated on the importance of the course for all technicians, the move that will trigger not only the competition but also introduction of many more local industries, on top of employments creation.  

"Attending the course is the path for one's business' registration and licensing. Being registered and licensed is enough to make technician renowned and honest, something that will impress everyone in need of the services to visit his/her office.

In such a way, all technicians will go for skill and knowledge sharpening so as to withstand the competition and stay in the field," he said.

DIT Course Coordinator, Dr Petro Pesha said that the Institute set affordable costs for the courses so that all technicians can attend, clarifying that one should pay 150,000/- only for a-one month, 200,000/- for one and half month and 120,000/- for a-two week trainings.



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