TADB to offer loans to small-scale farmers

TANZANIA Agriculture Development Bank (TADB) has promised disbursement of loans to small scale farmers through cooperative unions, a move aimed at enabling them afford production costs.

The TADB Chairperson of Board of Director, Ms Rosebud Kurwijila said here while talking to leaders of Karagwe District Co-operative Union (KDCU) in Kagera Region, the tour aimed at getting feedback on the loan extended to coffee farmers in the previous season.

Ms Kurwijila said the move is reaffirming the bank’s commitment in supporting small scale farmers to change their livelihood through cooperative unions.

“The major aim here is to make sure that we play part in improving farmers’ standards of living through their cooperative unions,” she said.

She pointed out that in a less than three months, the bank has already disbursed loans worth 55bn/-, which includes the KDCU’s 14bn/-, she added that the bank issues loans to individuals or organisations after having proved beyond reasonable doubt that the loan would benefit members of the society.

“I am glad that our intended customers have benefited from the loan, our objectives of issuing loans have been achieved,” she said.

A report submitted to TADB has it that Coffee farmers in Karagwe and Kyerwa in Kagera Region have harvested 39.4 million kilogrammes worth over 39.4bn/- in this year’s season.

Reading the report of the KDCU, Mr Anselimi Kabateleine said that the amount of coffee collected in this season has hit the record high, adding that the success registered is due to the powers entrusted to cooperative unions to collect the cash crop.

“We thank the government for reforming coffee collection systems, AMCOS have done great work in collecting the cash crop from farmers this season, we also thank TADB for extending to us a loan worth 14bn/- which enabled us pay farmers on time,” he said.

Mr Kabateleine pointed out that in the preliminary payments, some payment have been paid to farmers, adding that some three million kilogrammes are yet to be sold out and that once sold farmers will receive their second payments.

Kagera Acting Regional Commissioner, Mr Deodatus Kinawilo said the government recognises enormous work done by TADB in supporting farmers, especially coffee farmers in the region.

“Coffee has been a source of wealth to Kagera residents, most of the educated natives had their fees covered from coffee monies, we promise to continue managing monies being extended by TADB for intended outcome and make sure the repayment is done,” he said.

Kinawilo who is also the Bukoba District Commissioner said Kagera has many investment potentials especially in the arable land, he called on investors to consider investing in the region.

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Author: Correspondent in Karagwe

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