Minister calls for transparency, integrity

PUBLIC Service and Good Governance Minister, Mr George Mkuchika has called for consistency and coordination in addressing ethical issues, accountability, transparency and human rights matters.

He made the call here in his speech to mark the World Day on Ethics and Human Rights, saying all institutions dealing with such aspects must work as a team to attain the needed goals.

Mr Mkuchika said the government has been doing well in human rights and ethics ranking, saying the government is committed to ensure each and every institution responsible plays its part well.

“Let me express my gratitude to a number of public institutions which have been working as a team to ensure all international agreements on good governance and human rights issues are attained as planned,” he said.

He said ethical and human rights matters should not be left to the anti-corruption bureau alone, but each and every institution should play their parts responsibly.

Mr Mkuchika gave the government assurance to educate the public so that they are informed and aware on issues of good governance since it seems as something to be done by the government.

“We want to reach a stage where Tanzanians should change their mindset on how they perceive aspects of corruption, ethics, human rights, transparency and accountability as their responsibility as well, and in so doing bring about the intended changes,” said Mr Mkuchika.

The minister said Tanzania has been faring well in a number of reports citing, Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) where the country has been performing well as it acquired 58.5 per cent, ranking 14 out of 54 African countries this year, compared to 17th position in 2017.

He added that the fifth phase government has set its focus on institutions that oversee ethics, the anti-corruption, human rights, procurement and auditing of public accounts as they want to achieve an industrial drive mission.

He wanted public servants to be keen when making decisions, saying they should be guided by the state interest rather than personal interest as that would warrant a conflict of interest.

National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan - NACSAP III has earmarked the areas that are the most affected by conflict of interest which in turn pose economic effects as procurement, revenue collection, oil and gas, minerals and decision making organs.

WITH only one day to go before tomorrow's ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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