TRA to handle tax issues through special desk

TANZANIA Revenue Authority (TRA) has said that it will set a specific desk to attend tax issues to legal practitioners in the country as a way of simplifying voluntary tax compliance.

This was said yesterday in Dar es Salaam by TRA’s Domestic Revenue Commissioner, Mr Abdul Mapembe during a consultative meeting between his office and practicing legal advocates

“Lawyers are practicing a noble profession, from now on, they should not be parading for tax consultations in TRA offices, as of now they should be receiving special attention as TRA is preparing a special desk for lawyers in the country,” said Mapembe as he replied complaints on unnecessary tediousness the lawyers face at TRA offices.

Commissioner Mapembe said that TRA which has a primary task of collecting government’s revenue and educating taxpayers conducts discussion meetings with various stakeholders to discuss tax related challenges they face in daily dealings.

Earlier, TRA’s Commissioner General, Charles Kichere said that the authority is committed to offering best services to taxpayers and other stakeholders that is the only reason it realizes the importance of having sounding relationship with them.

He said that any taxpayers including high court advocates have basic rights and responsibilities that TRA is expecting of them.

“Taxpayer registration, submitting correct tax returns reports, or return demands as well as timely tax payment are tax payer’s responsibilities,” said Kichere.

He added that president John Magufuli’s directive of timely and effectively tax payment will be achieved if and only if every individual, lawyers included will fulfill their responsibilities of paying right tax at the right time.

“Corruption, economic sabotage acts, Illegal business, thievery and other deeds that are denying the country of its revenue are not to be tolerated in any way” he told the lawyers.

He assured that TRA will continue strengthening relationship with its stakeholders so as to expand understanding on tax and related regulations so as to create voluntary tax compliance in the country.

Giving their opinion, the advocates said that apart from spending more time at TRA office to clear tax issues, they have been facing various challenges in offering legal service to customers that TRA disregards.

Some of the challenges include delayed payment from their customers but the tax man’s demands are constant sometimes with penalty.

They also lamented on highest costs of purchasing Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFD) machine where they suggested that machines to be given freely especially to beginners who have no capital.

Executive officer of Tanganyika Legal Society that partnered with TRA in conducting the meeting, Kaleb Gamaya said that most of the lawyers lands in great fear especially when time for renewal of their licenses comes.

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