Motorists to dig deeper this Christmas

Motorists will have to dig deeper into their pocket this Christmas after price of fuel raise by an average of 2.5 per cent, pushed up by world oil markets.

The retail prices, according to EWURA statement issued on Wednesday, have gone up by 1.66 per cent for petrol, 2.11 gasoline and 3.85 for kerosene influenced by surging global prices.

“The charge in local prices of petroleum products is mainly due to changes in the world oil market prices…” EWURA said. The new prices for petrol and diesel in Dar es Salaam are 2,436/- a litre, while kerosene stands at 2,368/- a litre.

In Moshi, most motorists drive for Christmas and New Year festivals, petrol 2,482/-and diesel 2,427/-.

The highest fuel prices are in Uvinza (Lugufu) in Kigoma stands at 2,680/- for a litre of petrol and 2,679/- for diesel.In Tanga the old cap prices sticks since there were no new consignments for last month.

“Hence, in December (this month), price of petroleum products in the Northern regions will remain the same as they were in November,” the statement showed.

Also in Mtwara there were no new consignment thus the price for diesel, the only available product at the region storage facility, will remain unchanged  to the southern regions.

But the cost of petrol and kerosene, which is available from Dar storage facilities, will factor in logistic expenses.

“…The retail prices of petrol and kerosene for those regions (Mtwara, Lindi and Ruvuma) is based on the cost of the products received through Dar es Salaam port and bridging cost to the region,” EWURA said.

Driving to Moshi from Dar a motorist need almost 110,000/- if a car burns one litre of petrol per 10 kilometres. This is equivalent to 45 litres to cover the Dar-Moshi distance of around 450km.

However, the fuel is enough to enable a motorist reach Moshi and need extra 20 litres for cruising around Marangu Mtoni.

The total package comes to around 150,000/- for one way trip and same for returning leg equals to 300,000/- without an extra account.

“The amount seems insignificant to deter most motorists to travel this holiday…

“Motorists will absorb it since most think of the Christmas festival importance than the cost involved,” an economist said.

He said, those travelling to Mwanza, Mbeya, Mara and Kagera may feel the pinch but it is absorbable. Motorists may change cars from high fuel guzzlers to low levels.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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