GLCA tightens noose on unregistered chemical traders

THE Government Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA) has directed chemical suppliers to avoid selling chemicals to unregistered small entrepreneurs as it steps up efforts to better manage the substances.

The Government Chief Chemist Dr Fidelice Mafumiko said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the directive meant to enable the group conduct their business by following laws and regulations for chemicals management.

“We have started to issue directives to the suppliers to stop selling to dealers who don’t have certificates of registration from the Chief Government Chemist,” Dr Mafumiko said when officiated at the opening of the seminar to the small entrepreneurs in Dar es Salaam.

The workshop was organised to pass the latter through the chemical management law and regulations. The GCLA was optimistic that unregistered traders would be forced to register their businesses with the authority when if the suppliers will stop doing business with them.

Dr Mafumiko said that only small number of the chemical entrepreneurs were using the chemicals legally and by following proper procedures. Failure to register creates difficulties to the GCLA in management of chemicals because it lacks records on who and which type of chemicals they deal with.

“This can lead to misuse of the chemicals since some people use them to manufacture illegal drugs,” he cautioned.

Commissioner for forensic science at the Drugs Control and Enforcement Authority, Ms Betha Mamuya, also sounded a need for the entrepreneurs to understand that the chemicals they use to make domestic products like detergents could also be used to produce illegal drugs. 

“We therefore want them to register with the GCLA to know how they use those chemicals,” she said.

One of the entrepreneurs, Mr Justins Sangu, concurred that the seminar enabled them to understand legal issues of the chemicals that they usually use as raw materials to produce domestics products. However, he asked the GCLA to reduce fees of registration since majority of the small entrepreneurs cannot afford.

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