Friendly business climate reiterated

PERMANENT Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy and Coordination), Professor Faustin Kamuzora, yesterday reiterated the government’s commitment to create an environment that is friendly to conducting business and attractive to investors.

Speaking at a media briefing session here after the first meeting of the TNB’s Business Environment Working Group, Professor Kamuzora, who chairs the committee, assured the public that the group would work very hard and leave no stone unturned in looking for solutions to problems and challenges that stand in the way of doing efficient business and that undermine investment efforts.

“Civil service performance, policy and legislation challenges are drawbacks that have made it very difficult for people who want to start businesses or invest in this country.

This committee is going to study critically all these irritants and recommend their eradication so that they become history in this country,” the PS said confidently, adding that this national obligation could not be evaded.

The committee, formed by the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) and drawing members from the public and private sectors, is tasked to ensure that Tanzania has an environment that is friendly to doing business and investments in order to reduce unemployment, promote growth and spur national development, the PS said.

The Tanzania Investment Centre Director General, Mr Geoffrey Mwambe, said he was optimistic the committee’s work would result in positive results for doing business and attracting local and foreign investments so that Tanzania becomes a middle-income nation by 2025, adding: “The investment environment has been complex because of various laws and conflicting goals or interests of some institutions.”

The Acting TNBC Executive Secretary, Ms Oliva Vegula, urged the committee to review irritants highlighted in the past TNBC meetings and consider recommendations that emerged from them.

“We expect members from the two sectors to recommend ways of doing efficient business so that we can make envisaged strides.”

The TNBC formed five working groups that were recently launched by the Chief Secretary, Ambassador John Kijazi.

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Author: Correspondent in Dar es Salaam

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