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Boy wins Benz after doing over 3,000 press-ups consecutively

A five-year-old boy in Russia has won a new Mercedes Benz after doing 3,202 consecutive press-ups.

The tiny bodybuilder Rakhim Kurayev is reported to have finished his 3000 push-up round in the shortest time of 2 hours 22 minutes 09 seconds.

The boy also known as “five-year-old Schwarzenegger''' has broken other five world records.

Along with the new luxurious car the kindergarten school boy also won a trip to a toy shop where he could buy everything he wanted.

Ramzan Kadyrov, who judged the competition, said the boy did 1,000 press-ups in the shortest time - 40 minutes 57 seconds; 2000 press-ups in the shortest time - 1 hour 30 minutes 47 seconds.

He added that he did the largest number of press ups in one hour - 1419 times; as well as the biggest number of press-ups in 2 hours - 2559 times.

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