Create own employment, DUCE graduands tipped

STUDENTS in higher learning institutions ought to bury stereotype idea many of them harbour that one must be in salaried employment after completion of one’s study, but instead strive to create their own employment opportunities.

That was unveiled to them over the weekend by University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Council Chairman, retired Judge Damian Lubuva during the Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE) 11th Graduation ceremony in the city.

“Although unemployment is a world crisis, you should not study with the aim of becoming solely employed either in the government or nongovernmental Organisation, but rather think outside the box and explore self-employment opportunities, which are many outside there,” said retired Judge Lubuva.

At the glamorous occasion, presided over by the Chancellor of the University of Dar es Salaam and former President Dr Jakaya Kikwete, he further said that the education acquired by the graduates, was a strong weapon that should be useful for them to solve various social-economic challenges facing them in their day to day lives.

“As you go to the world, always be good ambassadors of this reputable institution and do your work with discipline, patience and help the current government in her efforts to transform the country for the benefit of everybody,” added Lubuva.

However, he urged the continuing students to study hard in order to acquire quality education, pointing out that studying hard was their number one priority, which facilitated them to join the institution.

In her remarks, DUCE Principal Professor Bernadeta Killian hinted that currently, they are enjoying the fruits of investment they have been embarking on towards the university’s staff including assisting them to upgrade their education levels within and outside the country.

“Last year, 14 staff members returned here after completing their various education programmes, something which has accelerated efficiency in facilitating university works,” Prof Killian said.

She further revealed that currently, DUCE has 72 Doctor of Philosophy holders of whom, 45 are males and the rest females, adding that: “All these have been done as one way to ensure that we accommodate people who are academically fit to be here.”

She also said the institution has increased the number of programmes it offers to students like Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed), Master of Science in Education (M.Sc. Ed), Master of Arts in Public Administration and Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

“On behalf of the university, let me thank the government for providing over 1bn/- which has been channelled towards vertical extension of the administration block, we expect it to be completed next year in June,” she said.

Equally, the principal highlighted some challenges they are facing like high costs to cater for academicians, who would like to reach PhD levels, shortage of lecture rooms, stocked Library as well as lack of enough hostels.

“At the moment, the available hostels can only accommodate a total of 414 students, which is not adequate since we have 6000 students,” she said.

Additionally, Prof Killian said in a move to minimise shortage of accommodation places at the institution, they are cooperating with others who provide accommodation services to students from nearby places to reduce the burden of seeking residential areas for the learners.

According to her, this year’s graduation ceremony saw 1736 graduates receiving various academic accolades in their different areas of specialisation of which 1255 were men while 514 are female.

However, DUCE for the first time succeeded in offering Master of Arts in Education degrees to seven graduates, where two are females and the rest being male graduates.

Earlier, the institution’s Chairman of the Governing body, Professor William Anangisye said in a move to cut unnecessary costs, they have introduced DUCE Cost- Cutting-Strategies of which he said help a lot to facilitate proper use of the available money.

“By doing this, we are now able to finance different projects without depending on others like upgrading the existing infrastructure within the campus so as to create a good-looking environment for both learners and lecturers,” he said.

Moreover, Anangisye reminded the graduates to always desist themselves from activities, which can disturb peace, corruption and improper use of public resources.

“To get education is one thing and to use it appropriately is also another thing. Use the knowledge you have acquired to develop yourself, your families and the entire community at large,” he said.

He continued: “The community has invested in you and it is now your turn to give back whatever you have gained by working hard in your day to day deeds.”

He then urged them to think about DUCE whenever they want to get another place to further their studies. Later, all the graduates took an oath that they would be accountable and trustworthy in their day to day works, while at the same time help the government in its development efforts.

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