Pay tax, days of manna are long gone

IN his frequent speeches the Fifth Phase Government President John Pombe Magufuli (JPM) has been reminding fellow Tanzanians that no one would come from outside to develop their country.

In this scenario, the President’s school of thought is simple and straight that even the countries one may be tempted to cite as developed have their nationals paying frequent taxes and that is making them look so.

“There is no free lunch in this planet and if one does not want to work, one should be ready to die,” the President has routinely reminded the citizens alongside his slogan of hapa kazi tu.

On the same breath, the nationals should be aware that no foreign aid would be enough to support their internal development, and this means that all should support the fifth phase government in its initiative to increase revenue collection.

Yesterday, while in Arumeru, he reminded the citizens that even animals require water to drink, not a political party to thrive on, implying that digging water, guarding its source and such stuff, must come back to the same citizens to ‘shoulder.’

That is why JPM deserves all accolades for being harsh on those embezzling taxpayers’ money and they must be brought to book.

Once taxes are paid on time, the government would be at a position to discharge its numerous responsibilities for the same citizens, and these duties should be considered as essential obligations.

On the other side of the coin, citizens should know that paying taxes is considered a civic duty that the law of the land also reinforces. Just to quote Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.: “Taxes are the price we pay for civilisation.”

More specifically, taxes are the price we pay for Tanzania we love. A well-functioning revenue system is a necessary condition for strong, sustained and inclusive economic development.

For that matter, more Tanzanians should know that taxes collected on goods or services would be spent in the same public sector for their own social benefit to run Health Centres and pay teachers who are teaching their children.

Taxes also in turn come back to them to pay for the military expenses guarding the country and police maintaining law and order as well as their property against saboteurs.

As citizens are being enlightened on the importance of paying taxes, one ought to also know that ignorance about tax payment, can lead one to a variety of problems. For that matter, every citizen should enquire to know how much one has to pay as tax.

Once paid, the State would be able to maintain a streamlined government and run both visible and invisible services to its citizens including pension funds, welfare, and homeland security. Citizens should not groan for the burden of the tax, instead should think about the utilities that they receive from the taxes.

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