Halotel partners with Visa for mobile payments

VISA, a global payments technology company, has announced a strategic partnership with Viettel Tanzania to enable visa on mobile payments through Halotel’s mobile wallet, HaloPesa.

According to a statement issued yesterday, the service will be rolled out in early 2019 to enable HaloPesa wallet holders to use Visa on mobile to securely make merchant payments and conduct cash deposits and withdrawals at Visa agents.

Halotel is a rapidly growing mobile network operator in Tanzania which started operations in 2015. It commands 9.0 per cent of market share with 3.6 million subscribers as at the end of June this year according to Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) statistics.

Its mobile wallet, Halopesa has 756,332 customers as at the end of June this year equivalent to 4 per cent of total market share, according to TCRA statistics.

“We are excited about this partnership with a key mobile service provider such as Halotel.

Our partnership with Halotel will ensure that Tanzanians can pay using Visa on their mobiles at over 40,000 new retailers,” said Visa acting General Manager for East Africa, Kevin Langley.

“It will also help expand financial inclusion for Tanzanian consumers who will now be able to benefit from participating in the Visa eco-system”,

“We are proud to partner with Visa on this initiative. With this partnership, we will have the power of the Visa network to deliver interoperable standards and enable our customers to pay and get paid seamlessly,” said Halotel’s Deputy Managing Director Nguyen Van Son.

Through the partnership, HaloPesa will offer consumers the option to pay a merchant with interoperable Visa QR Codes that are being rolled out as part of Visa on mobile expansion in the market.

Visa on mobile enables consumers to access their funds directly from their bank accounts via their mobile banking app to pay merchants, send money to individuals at no transaction fee, as well as deposit, or withdraw cash at any Visa agent.

Enrolled merchants will receive a unique QR code with a Till Number that customers can scan using a smartphone or key enter using a feature phone respectively to make the payments. The funds move directly from the consumer’s bank account into the merchant’s account and provides real-time notification to both parties. This partnership reinforces Visa’s commitment to expand mobile payments acceptance worldwide.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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