Go for joint venture - CRB asks local contractors

THE Contractors Registration Board (CRB) has called upon local contractors in the country to go for joint ventures and bid for big construction projects instead of sitting down and complain against foreign companies.

The call was made here by CRB Chairperson, Engineer Consolata Ngimbwa, during the official opening of a three-day special training programme to contractors in the country, whereby more than 80 contractors from different regions are participating.

The training named ‘Construction Pre-Contract Practice’, discussed among other topics bidding strategy, information and data requirement, principles of construction cost and estimating, scope and role of contractors in construction contracts, stages of construction, pre-qualification principles and tendering procedures.

“Don’t sit down and complain instead of uniting and struggling to obtain tenders in the ongoing big construction projects like the Stiegler’s Gorge construction project and construction of the oil pipeline from Hoima in Uganda to Tanga, among other projects,” said engineer Ngimbwa.

She insisted that local contractors must join hands and bid for some tenders that had already been advertised, like the Hoima Pipeline, instead of leaving the opportunity to foreign construction companies.

“In order to survive, we must go for joint ventures to get construction projects, tenders are already advertised, but I heard that no local construction company submitted tender documents. 

If we are not careful, all construction tenders will be taken by Ugandan companies and we remain here complaining,” she stressed.

About construction of Stiegler’s Gorge, she said there was information that the contractor who won the tender comes from Egypt, but local contractors can look for other opportunities because the company cannot make it alone. 

Speaking about water projects, engineer Ngimbwa said there were a lot of complaints from government leaders that most of projects are delayed and are not completed in a required standard.

She said in some water projects, nothing is obtained after the completion of the projects, and she asked contractors to prove such allegations if they are genuine or false. 

“I don’t know what is going on in most water projects, because in some cases when government officials visit construction sites, it is common to hear that the contractor has been taken to PCCB …

And I know some contractors who are afraid to take tender documents when it comes to water projects.

Contractors of water construction projects must learn what went wrong, because contractors fear to bid for water projects when they hear that some of their compatriots have been taken to PCCB or the police to answer corruption allegations,” she noted.

Eng Ngimbwa said CRB got a promise from the government that if local contractors in the country would change, it is ready to give many construction projects to them, and that is why CRB saw it as an opportunity to prepare training to change the contractors mindset.

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Author: Correspondent in Arusha

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