Major reshuffle rocks Prisons

THE Commissioner General of Prisons Services (CGP), Phaustine Kasike, has made major reshuffles in the force by appointing 19 new Regional Prisons Officers (RPOs) and retaining seven to their working stations. 

According to a statement released yesterday by the spokesperson of the Prisons Services, Assistant Superintendent of Prisons (ASP) Deodatus Kazinja, CGP Kasike also appointed six heads of prisons colleges, while transferring three other prisons officers to various departments within the force. 

In the changes, aimed at increasing efficiency, the CGP appointed heads of prisons services in Katavi, Songwe, Njombe, Simiyu and Geita regions that had no prisons administrations in the past.

The statement said that the Dar es Salaam RPO Senior Assistant Commissioner of Prisons (SACP) Hamis Mkubasi has been transferred to Prisons headquarters’ Building Unit and has been replaced by SACP Julius Ntambala. 

SACP Salum Hussein who was RPO for Dodoma has been retained at his work station while SACP Luhende Makwaia who was the head of Kiwira Prisons College has been appointed the new RPO for Mbeya Region. 

“Makwaia has been replaced by Assistant Commissioner of Prisons (ACP) Mathias Mkama,” read the statement adding, 

“The former Mbeya RPO, SACP Kijida Mwakingi has been transferred to the Information Communications Technology (ICT) Unit of the Prisons Headquarters in Dar es Salaam.” 

The Mtwara RPO, SACP Ismail Mlawa, has been transferred to the Planning Unit of Prisons Headquarters while ACP Varisanga Msuya who was the acting head of prisons store has been appointed into the position. 

Ms Msuya’s seat will be covered by ACP Robert Masali, who has become the Chief Stores Officer of the prisons. 

The statement had it that, SACP Athuman Kitiku who was the Mwanza RPO has been transferred to headquarters as Staff Officer. He has been replaced by the Tabora RPO, SACP Hamza Hamza. 

“SACP Hamza’s seat in Tabora will be covered by ACP Joseph Mkude, while SACP Boyd Mwambingu who was in Kagera has been transferred to the headquarters’ Administration Unit. He has been replaced by ACP Rymond Mwampashe,” read the statement. 

Moreover, CGP Kasike has transferred the Lindi RPO, SACP Rajabu Bakari, to the Transport and Communication Unit at Prisons Headquarters, replacing him with ACP Josephine Semwenda. 

Rukwa RPO, SACP Benno Hunja has been transferred to the Agriculture, Livestock and Environment Unit at the headquarters, and he has been replaced by ACP Mwamgunda. The former Kilimanjaro RPO SACP Hassan Mkwiche has been relocated to Health and Nutrition Unit at the headquarters and ACP Rajab Igongi has taken over his position. 

The former head of Health and Nutrition Unit, ACP Wilson Rugamba, has become the Shinyanga RPO. 

The changes also involved the Morogoro RPO, SACP Mzee Nyamka, who has been transferred to the headquarters’ Research and Statistics Unit while ACP Stylvester Mrema has been promoted to the position.

ACP Benezeth Bisibe who was the acting Mara RPO has been shifted to the headquarters as the Financial Controller (FC) as ACP Hospitius Adrian has been appointed to the position.

The head of the Karanga Prisons Force, ACP Lazaro Nyanga, has been retained in his position, same to ACP Anthony Sogoseye who will continue to serve as the head of Bwawani Secondary school.

The Senior Superintendent of Prisons SSP Enock Mwanguku who was the assistant head of Ruanda Prisons College has been promoted to head the college.

The prisons services boss has also approved acting RPOs as follows; ACP Hasseid Mkwanda (Iringa), ACP Anderson Kamtearo (Arusha), ACP Emmanuel Lwinga (Tanga), ACP Masudi Kimolo (Manyara), ACP Rehema Ezekiel (Coast Region) and ACP Msepwa Omary of Singida.

Others are SP Ally Uwesu (head of prisons special force,) and ACP Joel Mtani who has become head of Prisons Correction Force.

RPOs who have been appointed to new regions are ACP Alexander Mmassy (Katavi), ACP Lyzecky Mwaseba (Songwe), ACP Festo Ng’umbi (Njombe), ACP Robert Rumanyika (Geita) and ACP Andulile Mwasampeta who is going to Simiyu Region.

“At the same vein, ACP Alexander Nyefwe has been appointed the RPO for Ruvuma while ACP Leonard Burushi has become the Kigoma RPO. The two are filling the seats left following retirement of the former prisons officers,” noted the statement.

Other prisons officers who have been transferred to other departments are SACP Berrtha Minde who has become head of Parole Unit and SACP Chacha Jackson who has been appointed Head of Inmate Services.

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