Contracts worth 271bn/- entered to solve Arusha water woes

THE Arusha Urban Water Supply Authority has inked four contracts valued at 271.2 billion/-, all aimed at improving water services in the city by churning out 200 million cubic meters of the precious liquid per day.

“The water production will be able to sufficiently cater for 827,000 residents of Arusha,” stated Engineer Ruth Koya, the Managing Director for AUWSA during the occasion to sign the four contracts with three different firms, as the Minister for Water and Irrigation, Prof Makame Mbarawa, looked on.

Apparently, the City of Arusha has a population of 500,000 regular residents. The first contract, signed between AUWSA and Sino-Hydro Corporation Limited of China, will entail laying down new network of water pipes to criss-cross the urban district as well as to build a water treating plant.

The city piping will cost around, 251.4 billion/- and the project will take about 24 months before completion. The water treating plant will be built at a cost of 6.6 billion/- and expected to be completed by April 2020. AUWSA has also entered into contract with Tanchi Brothers Construction Company Limited also from China, so that the latter can construct the former’s main office, headquarters, workshop and warehouse in Arusha City at a cost of 5.3 billion/-, to be completed by 2020.

The Urban Water Authority, which also oversees water projects in Longido and Karatu districts, will also establish zonal offices whose construction works are to be undertaken by the Arusha-based firm Kiure Engineering Company Limited.

The Minister for Water and Irrigation, Prof Makame Mbarawa, directed AUWSA to make sure that its revenues are upped from the current 1.4 billion/- to at least 1.8 billion/- by the end of this October.

Mbarawa also told the firms that are entering into contracts with AUWSA to ensure that the projects are completed in time, if not much earlier and with utmost perfection.

Mr Bao Yu, the representative of Tanchi Brothers Construction Company Limited from China, assured the minister that his firm was very much capable and the job will be done in proper time.

Meanwhile, AUWSA is currently building ten water tanks to be located in ten different areas of the city, with total capacity to hold 45,500 liters.

IGALULA Member of Parliament Mussa Ntimizi (CCM) says ...

Author: HAZLA OMAR in Arusha

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