Environmental experts urged to adhere to regulations

DEPUTY Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment), Mr Mussa Sima is looking forward to meet all environmental experts who have been registered by NEMC to discuss various issues related to the environment.

Speaking to wananchi in Singida, the Deputy Minister said he is looking forward to meet the experts on Saturday this week, saying the meeting will focus on reminding the experts on laws and regulations for protecting the environment.

He said proper protection of the environment will help the country to attract investors and encourage economic growth. “Some experts have not been patriotic in supervising various issues.

I want to meet these people and remind them of their roles in protecting the environment and the nature,” he noted.

He said environmental experts are supposed to work hard by adhering to the laws of the land, and that the fifth phase government is keen to see every person fulfilling his or her duties as required to enable it achieve its goals of becoming an industrial economy nation by 2025.

“The Head of State has decided to work hard for Tanzanians and the country at large, we are standing behind him to support his efforts, those who think are not ready to support this drive should move aside,” he explained.

The deputy minister said there is no compromise when it comes to environmental protection and that all wananchi must adhere to the law of the land on that.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Singida

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