PM smells rat in Mpwapwa, orders loans disbursement

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has issued a ten-day ultimatum to Mpwapwa District Executive Director (DED) Peter Swea to issue loans to youths, women and the disabled.

The Prime Minister issued the order yesterday when speaking to residents of Kibakwe Ward in Mpwapwa District after he inspected an ongoing construction of Kibakwe Health Centre in Dodoma Region.

“Today is October 10, therefore, by October 20 I want the loans to have been issued to the women, youths and the disabled. Excuses that the money must be approved by a special meeting are outdated.

This is the reason we enacted the law to take care of such a matter,” he said. Prime Minister was prompted to issue the order after he was informed that Mpwapwa District Council was yet to release the loans to the special groups pending approval by the meeting that was yet to be convened.

He said the law required each District Council to set aside ten per cent of their domestic revenue for loans to women, youth and the disabled in each quarter of the financial year.

The Prime Minister also ordered Village Executive Officers (VEOs) to identify all water catchment areas and forests, including taking stern legal measures against individuals engaging in cutting down trees without permits.

He said cutting down of trees (deforestation) has been causing enormous environment effects, including bringing about water scarcity with hydrologists facing difficulties in finding water.

“Mpwapwa was one of districts in the country with high water availability but due to the prolonged practice of cutting down trees it has become one of the driest areas. I’m told that cutting down trees is one of the competitions among men here,” he said.

Mpwapwa District Commissioner, Jabir Shekimweli thanked the government for allocating 1.4bn/- for the construction and rehabilitation of three health facilities in his area.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Majaliwa has smelt a rat involving Mpwapwa District Council officials after information availed to him revealed that officials have been tampering with the district revenue, promising a special investigation into the matter.

Addressing Mpwapwa District civil servants yesterday in Mpwapwa, the Prime Minister said no person should dare tamper with the evidence he gathered as he already had documents in his hands as exhibits.

He said district officials in the department of finance and planning were involving themselves in the theft of public money through the revenue estimates and collection.

...as MNH-Mloganzila performs brain-related surgery ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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