Heads to roll over CCM assets saga

THE ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Board of Trustees has vowed to take stern disciplinary and legal measures against all dishonest party leaders and other members involved in the sale and transfer of party assets without approval of the board.

Also, it also issued a one-year ultimatum for leaders of all party wings to secure title deeds of land under CCM ownership.

According to a statement that was released by Chairperson of the Board, Ms Anna Abdalla,  yesterday, all plots and structures must have title deeds by October, next year.

The board sat at CCM Lumumba sub offices in Dar es Salaam from the 8th to the 10th of October, this year. It is its first meeting since it was appointed.

In the meeting, among others, the board discussed the report of the committee charged with investigating CCM assets. The committee was chaired by the current party Secretary General,Dr Bashiru Ally.

“As the probe team unveiled the illegal transfer of party belongings, the board instructs leaders of CCM wings to ensure that no asset will either be sold, transferred or leased without the consent of the board of trustees,” read the statement that was signed by Ms Abdalla.

Regarding presence of bogus treaties, through which the party had lost its properties and have some of the plots invaded, the board has sent a strong warning to all party leaders demanding them to stop participating in the malpractices.

“Moreover, party members and all members of the public should refrain from buying any asset that would be sold without our approval,” she said, adding that section 125 of the party constitution of 1977 as reviewed in 2017 provides that all assets and properties belonging to the party are under the control of the board of trustees.

She went on to thank CCM members and the public in general for continued support on revealing assets that were transferred, sold, leased or hidden, asking them to continue with the same spirit.

In July this year, the board met President John Magufuli who is also the CCM National Chairman at State House in Dar es Salaam, where among others, the team was urged to continue executing their responsibilities including tracing and evaluating assets and liabilities of the party in all wings.

Dr Magufuli told the board that he doesn’t expect to see any case regarding mismanagement of party properties and that the body of trustees should make sure that CCM is benefiting from its own assets.

Apart from Ms Anna Abdalla, other members are Mr John Chiligati, Judge (Ret) Mark Bomani, Retired Ambassador Daniel Ole Njoolay, Mr Pandu Ameir Kificho, Mr Christopher Gachuma, Dr Haruni Kondo and Mr Hassan Omar Mzee.

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