NARCO boss explains how Tz could benefits from meat industry

Tanzania has been advised to practice modern grazing and technicalities to boost meat industry since its products attract both internal and external market.

The areas that Tanzania, the second cattle grazer in the world, need to take into consideration are skills and technicalities pertaining to the sector. 

This was advised by the acting General Manager of the National Ranching Company Limited (NARCO), Prof Philemon Wambura in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday during the signing of the new agreement between NARCO and local investors.

Mr Wambura said that the potentiality of Tanzanian meat lies in the truth that cattle kept in the country are fed on natural grasses that have not contaminated by chemicals. 

He added that the local meat is of highest demand and has a bigger market in different countries while Arabic ones suggest to be of highest customers.

On supporting Industrial drive, Prof Wambura said that plans are not to export cows but meat and other related products.

“If we export a cows, we are losing employment, but exporting meat means other processing will be done locally. Leather products from animal skin, glue while milk processing industries will also come in place,” he said.

Sustainable grazing suggests that a small area is used to reap more products and changes are unavoidable as the country needs to reach over 150,000 cows.

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