Don: 3,600 cardiac surgeries performed in Tz

Over 3,600 cardiac patients have undergone surgery at the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JKCI) since it’s establishment in 2015.
This has been revealed on Wednesday by the institute’s Executive Director Professor Mohamed Janabi during exclusive interview with the Daily News Digital.
Prof Janabi explained that JKCI is a reliable and dependable Institute for cardiac surgery in East Africa since patients from the member states have been flooding in the country to seek it's   services. 
Currently,  according to the Don, the institution has 12 cardiologists leading Tanzania to be ranked number two in Africa after South Africa for having such specialists.
 The Cardiologists said  JKCI has reduced up to 85 percent of patients who were taken to overseas for medication.
“The remaining 15 percent is for cases that we’re not able to perform,” he added.
He also explained that usually the hard part is not the surgery rather the post surgery care, which is the reason some patients have be sent abroad for surgery.


...as MNH-Mloganzila performs brain-related surgery ...


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