TGDC to embark on geothermal energy drilling by 2025

IN efforts to support industrialisation, the Tanzania Geothermal Development Company Limited (TGDC) plans to embark on geothermal energy drilling to generate 200MW by 2025.

The project is expected to take off in Mbeya Region next year. TGDC General Manager Kato Kabaka said during the signing of a contract with Italy-based ELC Electroconsultant SPA yesterday that drilling activities would take place near Ngozi River and that drilling machines were expected to be imported by the end of this year.

According to Mr Kabaka, TGDC targets to start by generating 5MW by 2020 and 20MW by 2022. “Initial studies show availability of geothermal resource, enough to generate 100MW, but the actual amount will be determined after drilling activities have taken place.

To be on a good position of generating 200MW as per the government’s directives, we have already introduced more geothermal projects in Songwe, Kyejo-Mbaka and in Luhoi, Coast Region,” Mr Kabaka said.

He affirmed that feasibility studies on those potential project areas showed the presence of geothermal grass and watered grounds to signify the availability of the resource.

Mr Kabaka clarified that after generating power, the underground water could be channelled through special streams and that farmers would have to construct cropdrying mats and place their crops, which dried within a short time compared to other types of energy.

TGDC Acting Managing Director Planning and Projects Shakiru Kajugus noted that water was suitable for greenhouse agriculture since it killed crop fungal diseases and provided heat for the crops.

The water will also support fish ponds and swimming pools.

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