Borrow a leaf from Diamond - Plough back into society

TANZANIA like any African nation is known for a people who originate from communities that have close social relations, besides sharing the same cultural values and beliefs.

And, it was a common sight and belief especially in rural areas that once one or a number of that community’s children get educated and become successful in life, they usually come back home and foster development in their areas of origin.

Though this has been slowly disappearing due to cultural syncretism and the villagisation of the world, as many people are fast becoming individualistic and failing to look back from where they came from once they make it in life.

But, renowned Bongo Flavour mega star, Naseeb Abdul popularly known as Diamond Platnumz chose to defy all the odds by remembering his roots.

Over the weekend, Diamond returned his artistry benefits to Tandale Ward Community. The assistance majors from health and welfare of the residents with majority of the beneficiaries being women and youths.

It comprised health insurance cover and capital to thousands of women residing in Tandale where the celebrated artiste was born and raised for over 29 years.

The celebrations were graced by the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Paul Makonda and the Kinondoni Municipal Mayor, Benjamin Sitta.

The health insurance cover was provided by Resolution Insurance company while over 100 women received capital boost for their small businesses of between 100,000/- and 200,000/-.

Diamond also offered to rehabilitate four primary schools located in the ward, including the one he attended during his childhood.

And each school will get a water tank apart from renovations. And, the list of what the musician ploughed back into the community goes on, but the lesson that remains is that we all have to borrow a leaf from him.

It is high time that companies and individuals who have made it in life should remember their areas of origin and help the community.

This will go a long way in fostering development and thereby raising the standard of living of the people.

On the other hand, it will boost the government’s efforts to transform the country into middle economy.

Developmental projects are not a preserve of government alone, but companies and individuals can also chip in and make sure that wananchi benefit.

There have been problems such as scarcity of clean water, availability of essential services and so on, in all these; the private sector can also chip in. Let’s all join hands for the development of the country.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli met members ...

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