Water policies put on scrutiny

THE government, in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) of Poland is undertaking a review of its investment policies in order to support the implementation of the Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP).

The Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Engineer Nadhifa Kemikimba, noted here yesterday that the review was vital for contributing to the implementation of effective and efficient water sector policies in the country.

“Given the size of the country, dispersion and availability of water resources, water supply coverage in both rural and urban areas are still one of the challenges to the water sector,” said the acting PS at an OECD seminar on water policies.

Engineer Kemikimba noted that on average, the water supply coverage for urban areas currently stands at 75 per cent in the country, Dar es Salaam City at 78 per cent, small towns at 60 per cent and the rural areas at 59.8 per cent.

“Coverage is still not very much convincing, largely in rural areas, which calls for more assistance to the sector from a number of stakeholders, including OECD and Poland,” she said.

Engineer Kemikimba explained that WSDP (2007- 2025) which started its operations in 2007 was in the second phase of implementation, saying the programme was introduced to improve water supply infrastructure.

“The programme covers nine water basins, 186 local government authorities, 25 urban water supply and sanitation authorities,” she said.

Engineer Kemikimba said the seminar was an ideal platform to share experiences and good practices, saying the seminar was based on pertinent themes with the Tanzania context, including water in development strategies and water management.

On his part, Senior Counsellor at OECD Global Relations Secretariat, Mr Michael Laird, said the aim of the seminar was to identify how Poland and the OECD could support Tanzania to address water related challenges.

He said Poland had a strong track record in developing and deploying technologies that contribute to water management, saying the technologies were essential in improving water use efficiency and water treatment.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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