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Modern contraceptive methods key to development

Modern contraceptive methods key to development

MODERN contraceptive methods can play a vital role in securing wellbeing and autonomy of women, while supporting the health and development of communities.

This is according to Programme Advocacy Technical Manager at Advance Family Planning (AFP), Mr James Mlali, who stresses that allowing women to choose whether to have children, when and how many, can be achieved through use of modern contraceptives.

“Proper use of contraceptives helps break the cycle of poverty and puts families, communities and countries on a stronger, more prosperous and sustainable path,” he said ahead of the World Contraception Day scheduled for September 26.

The day’s mission is to improve awareness of all contraceptive methods available and enable young people to make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health. He said where modern contraceptive methods are applied; death of under-five has been falling by 35 per cent.

He added that women are most affected where modern family planning methods are not applied, creating huge group of dependents in the society, ending up in abject poverty.

He said most women are employed in the informal sector because of the unbearable obligations of raising a huge family, thus failing to pursue professional studies that could have allowed them to undertake decent jobs.

Statistics show that 30 per cent of women in the country have acquired higher education studies and only 15 per cent occupied managerial positions in various organisations.

“Failure to use modern family planning methods has been widening gender imbalances in the society with women becoming more victims of the system,” he added.

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