Emirates SkyCargo shines in supplying equipment

TANZANIA is among a number of African countries that are benefiting from the trade of hundreds of lifesaving medical equipment from South Korea. Emirates SkyCargo, an international cargo airline, has helped deliver lifesaving medical equipment from Seoul to Tanzania and other markets in Africa.

According to a statement issued yesterday, since 2015, the air cargo carrier has transported over 800,000 units of malaria tester kits and other associated equipment from South Korea to Tanzania and other countries, including Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

“South Korea boasts an excellent health system in terms of access and quality and is a leading exporter of medical and healthcare equipments. “In 2017, the total value of exports of medical equipments from the country was valued at close to US$ 2.6 billion,” the statement read in part.

Speed is of the essence when transporting critical medical and testing equipment and Emirates SkyCargo offers one of the fastest transport times for cargo from Seoul to over 25 African destinations through Dubai.

Exporters from Seoul can also take advantage of the enhanced cargo capacity offered on Emirates SkyCargo’s all wide body fleet of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 passenger aircraft. Emirates SkyCargo also offers two state of the art cargo terminals in Dubai, including an EU GDP certified dedicated pharma handling facility ensuring that cargo, including healthcare and pharmaceutical shipments, have a rapid and secure transit through the air cargo carrier’s hub.

Recently, Emirates SkyCargo received the prestigious 2018 Carrier Award for Reliability and Excellence (CARE) for the second year in a row from DHL Global Forwarding for the transportation of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals.

The achievement underscores Emirates Sky- Cargo’s commitment to excellence in pharma logistics. Emirates SkyCargo has been facilitating exports from South Korea since 2005 and in the last two years has transported over 12,500 tonnes of cargo to and from the country.

In addition to medical tester kits and pharmaceuticals such as vaccines, the major exports from South Korea have included electronic goods and auto components. Through its global network of over 160 destinations, Emirates SkyCargo has also helped the opening of new trade routes between Seoul and the rest of the world.

Emirates SkyCargo is the world’s largest international cargo airline, operating a modern fleet of 270 aircraft, including 14 freighters- 13 Boeing 777-Fs and one B747F. Emirates SkyCargo has developed a number of transportation solutions targeted at specific industry verticals including pharmaceuticals and perishables.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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