Stern penalties solution to road accidents - Tanga RTO

TANGA Region is witnessing more compliance with road traffic rules and regulations, thanks to tougher penalties imposed by law enforcers, including sending to jail reckless road users.

Tanga Regional Traffic Officer Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Solomon Mwangamilo said stringent measures against road traffic violators had proved effective in influencing behavioural change among drivers and riders.

Tanga Region, he said, hardly recorded five fatal accidents last month, while compliance level had increased tremendously. Motorcyclists are reportedly notorious road users across the country, but it is a different story altogether in Tanga City, where they abide by road safety regulations and rules.

To prevent road accidents and inculcate in drivers and riders a culture of safe driving and riding, the traffic police have adopted a different approach with violators of road traffic regulations and rules taken to court to answer their charges.

“We learnt that fines are not effective to change the behaviour of road users. When he or she is fined they may pay and tomorrow they will commit similar offences.

So, we have agreed to use a different approach of which offenders are arrested, arraigned and once convicted are sent to jail,” he noted. “There are 23 motorcyclists serving jail terms.

Some were sentenced to 28 days, while others serve a three-month jail term and this has brought about change. As you can see, everyone is wearing a helmet,” he said.

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Author: From ABDALLAH MSUYA in Tanga

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