Ndalichako: College standards obligatory

THE Minister for Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Prof Joyce Ndalichako, has directed the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) to continue closing down colleges operating in defiance of the set standards.

Prof Ndalichako said that it was better for the country to have a few colleges that produce experts who can compete in the job market rather than several that were not helpful on that front.

“I appreciate your work as you audited a total of 464 colleges last year and closed down twenty of them …continue closing the ones that defy rules and regulations, be they private or public- owned.

She made an apt reminder: that Tanzania was in a transitional period towards a middle economy by 2025, As such, she stressed, the council should play its part by ensuring that colleges produce experts who will help the country to attain that goal.

Prof Ndalichako stressed that the government won’t embrace any investor in the education sector who was driven by personal gain instead of improving the quality of education.

At the same time, the minister urged the council to conduct research on the kind of experts needed in various development projects and then advise the colleges to produce the needed professionals.

Benefits of the move would include curbing unemployment amongst the youth, Prof Ndalichako added. She cited ongoing development projects like Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Stigler’s Gorge and the Uganda-Tanzania (Hoima-Tanga) oil pipeline was among areas in need of Tanzanian experts.

The Council’s Chairperson, Prof John Kondoro , said NACTE would continue working in line with the government’s directives, as well as in compliance with the Law. He affirmed that inspections would be a continuous exercise to make sure that all colleges complied with education sector policies, rules and regulations.

“As the minister has said...we have already inspected over 400 colleges, closed some of them while others are under investigation,” he said. In June this year, NACTE deregistered twenty technical institutions over failure to meet basic requirements.

NACTE Executive Secretary Dr Adolf Rutayunga said the colleges were flagged after an academic audit of 458 registered technical institutions that began last year.

In 2016, NACTE deregistered five technical institutions that were operating illegally. They are State College of Health and Allied Sciences, Zoom Polytechnic College, Tabitha College formerly Thabita Vocational Training College, Financial Training Centre and TMBI College of Business and Finance, all of them based in Dar es Salaam.

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