Organisations partner to woo forest investors

Organisations partner to woo forest investors

TWO organisations have partnered and introduced online forestry platform in a bid to increase the sector attractiveness to investors.

The organisations are Dar es Salaam based African Forestry Organisation (AF) and Forestry Development Trust (FDT) of Iringa.

Their collaboration aimed at assisting in sharing of forestry and related information among local and international investors to increase investments in the sector.

AF Chief Executive Officer, Mr Francis Rwebogora said the goal of joining the platform was integrating with various forest sector stakeholders, tree growers, processors, input suppliers, researchers, service providers and other stakeholders for knowledge exchange.

“We call upon domestic and international investors interested, or already invested in the forest sector to join this online platform in order to increase the quality of investment,” Mr Rwebogora told journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday. He added that they also want stakeholders to make informed decision which in turn will increase the quality and productivity of raw materials to industries.

The representative from FDT, Mr Emmanuel Sangalali, said limited knowledge on forestry investment, from land preparation, availability of improved seeds, plantation management, market information and professional advisory services have been major obstacles to investors in forestry sector especially for those living in urban setting.

“To bridge this gap and ensure that investors receive accurate information, including the relevant trainings, AF and FDT have developed an online forestry platform and help to reduce investment risk,” he said.

According to him, the forum was established this year and received a registration certificate from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) on July.

He further added that the forum is an area for sharing experience with business professionals and forestry experts as well as other forestry stakeholders

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