Hats off TRA for work delegation, success is on way

IT is hats off that Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has finally admitted that to render its services to the public on time, accurately and professionally, it deserves to delegate some work to other agencies.

This time picking on a firm to assist it in supplying drivers’ licence cards, shows maturity at work because no man can man everything in his jurisdiction and serve all the public at once without also trusting lieutenants, unless you are an angel.

It is not only good news to motorists that the fresh system would be more secure and end unnecessary delays in the issuance of the vital document, but would also give TRA another opportunity to address other pressing roles in its yard.

It has been said that work on the backlog of drivers’ licence cards had stalled and many motorists have been concerned over the authority’s prolonged delays despite them (motorists) completing all the necessary payments and vetting to secure the cards, and that was in a way, thwarting section 19 (1) of the Road Traffic Act No 30 of 1973 which states that no person shall drive any class of motor vehicle on a road unless he is the holder of a valid driving licence or a valid learner driver’s licence issued to him in respect of such class of motor vehicle.

The country wants authorities and leaders who admit shortfalls and embark on alternative ways to address them just as the TRA Director of Taxpayers Education, Richard Kayombo had to say: “I must admit that there are some hitches which are being addressed by the authority. We have resolved to change the contractor.”

It is wise that consultations have also been made with the traffic unit to allow all new applicants and those renewing their licences to use the old cards and for that matter, the ball is in the court of the drivers to see into it that they display them during any inspections.

However, that should not mean that any motorist should drive a vehicle on any road without prior being certified as a driver, because during such ‘phase implementation’ some crooks would think it is time to test the alertness of the police and drive without any document, which in turn would prove them wrong.

Everyone should know that once you try to take chances with the law, thinking that you are ‘smart’ in the short or long run, the law will disapprove you.

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