Motivation of govt schools commendable

HARDILY a month after this year’s A Level examinations results were released, the government has honoured 14 best public schools.

The Minister of State in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Mr Selemani Jafo handed over certificates to headmasters and headmistresses of the government schools that were among the best 30 top schools in the country.

The event, held in Dodoma, was meant to inspire and motivate government schools so that they improve performance of their students.

This move comes after the heads of the best performing schools pointed out that the secret to their success was concerted efforts by all stakeholders.

It remains a fact that public schools have been gaining ground when it comes to national examinations. And, with the look of things and if more effort is added, then they will soon rule the roost.

The step by the government to recognise those schools that performed well is a good move that will go far in motivating them to perform better in their examinations.

This puts public schools on the spotlight and they will crave to do better. This also brings with it competition among the schools, making it easier in the long run to improve results.

The government has in the past been renovating old schools in different parts of the country in a bid to improve learning environment and at the same time help students to attain good results.

There are other measures as well that the government has been taking to ensure public schools become competitive. The government has and is still playing its part, it is time for students to pull up their socks and work hard for better results. It should be known to them that mixing love and education will not take them anywhere.

They need to concentrate on their school work, knowing very well that better lives are hinged upon attaining good grades. Parents and teachers on the other hand should not fold their hands; they have duties to play.

It is vital, therefore, that everyone plays his or her role for the betterment of the education sector in the country.

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