We can prevent road accidents if we all heed road safety rules

We can prevent road accidents if we all heed road safety rules

A DOWNWARD trend in road accidents in Dodoma, as reported in this paper yesterday, is something that cannot go without any comment.

What was reported on road accidents reminds every road user in the country that as Tanzanians we can, to a considerable extent, minimise or prevent tragedies if we really want to.

Dodoma Regional Traffic Officer (RTO) Swalehe Digega attributes to this positive trend to increased traffic police patrols and the traffic police’s efforts to raise public awareness on road safety and responsible driving and road use.

We can rightly say: where is a will there is a way or a perfect practice makes it perfect!

According to the RTO, road accidents in the region have dropped from 91 in 2017 to 49 this year and the deaths caused by road accidents have also dropped from 69 in 2017 to 37 this year.

So, it is possible to prevent road accidents if all road users develop a culture of respecting human life and of abiding by road safety rules and regulations.

In some places, drivers and riders have started respecting pedestrian crossings, something they didn’t do before.

This simply means that they never took the trouble to read, understand and implement what traffic rules and regulations required them to do.

Many road accidents can be prevented if we take necessary steps to use public roads only if it is safe, legal and convenient for us to do so.

If every person uses the road only when it is safe, legal and convenient, it means we will remain only with accidents that occur naturally and to say the least such accidents are rare!

Road accidents have adverse effects on the nation in general and on citizens in particular.

Many innocent lives are lost in road accidents, there is destruction of infrastructure, property and money, while survivours sustain injuries and some of them are disabled for good and the burden of caring for those who are made dependants falls on the nation and individual families.

We cannot take it easy and perish in road accidents. We have to do something and learning from Dodoma, it is possible!

As we envision becoming a middle class and an industrial economy by 2025, let’s learn to value life so that we may enjoy the fruits of our rapidly developing economy that will impact not only on the nation, but also on all Tanzanians in their entirety.

We see boxing glorious era coming back

COMBINED efforts are needed to ...

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