Maiden Zanzibari Cultural Festival comes

ANOTHER big festival is set for official launch in Zanzibar, and the Isles Vice President, Seif Alli Iddi will grace it here on July 19 at Mapinduzi Square.

The week-long event is officially known as Zanzibari Cultural Festival (Utamaduni wa Mzanzibari) and it aims to preserve traditional values, culture and arts of a Zanzibari, according to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth, Culture, Arts and Sports, Omar Hassan Omar.

The festival coming with a slogan ‘Culture is a Shield of our Daily Life’ will be coloured with various activities, including traditional dances, folk music, poetry and various products from entrepreneurs operating in the country.

Elaborating, the official named other activities to colour the festival as traditional taarab music, seminars and traditional games such as bull fight which is very popular in Pemba Island.

Omar said the event comes as efforts of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar to preserve and promote Isles cultural values.

“This gives people of Zanzibar a special day which they will use to enjoy the richness of their arts and culture,” he said.

He said some of the arts and cultural values of Zanzibar people have been lost, hence the festival is part of the campaign to preserve all of them.

The Permanent Secretary added that artistes and artists from Unguja and Pemba Islands will be attending various sessions during the week-long festival.

Among the major lessons to be given include legal and how to preserve the works.

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Author: MWAJUMA JUMA in Zanzibar

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