Decentralisation policy for review

THE government is set to review the Decentralisation by devolution policy for it to benefit the public.

Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy and Coordination), Prof Faustine Kamuzora  noted here yesterday that the government had hired a consultant to decipher how better the policy would benefit the people in service provision.

He was addressing a meeting which brought together experts from universities, public and private institutions to discuss the concept of decentralisation and devolution to the public.

Prof Kamuzora called upon the meeting to make use of their wide experiences to improve the policy, saying it should focus on resolving challenges facing the provision of social services. “The policy should outline strategies of communication for the concept to be well understood by members of the public,” he said.

Prof Kamuzora said the government expects that the policy would go hand in hand with the current state of economic improvement, saying it should facilitate the government to attain its goal of middle income state.

He observed that the decentralisation by devolution policy has resulted to a number of benefits in terms of service provision and that the policy has helped to bring services closer to the communities.

Prof Kamuzora said the meeting should come up with so-lutions to challenges which were mentioned by various experts in the implementation of the policy, stressing that communication strategy was vital for every member of the public to understand the concept.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Mr Dickson Nzunda, said the government was reviewing the policy.

He said the main task for experts in the meeting would be to conduct a review of various activities carried out by using the policy, saying the government was just carrying out review of the system for improvement.

“Our main goal is to enhance awareness to members of the public because the concept of decentralisation by devolution is new to our country,” said the Deputy Permanent Secretary.

Decentralisation refers to the transfer of state national responsibilities or functions from central Government to sub-national levels of government, or from central agencies or offices to regional bodies or branch offices, or to non-governmental organisations or private concerns.

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Author: LUDOVICK KAZOKA in Dodoma

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