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35bn/- meant for Tarime villages diverted for private use

35bn/- meant for Tarime villages diverted for private use

HEADS are expected to roll in Tarime after 35bn/- meant to benefit five villages near North Mara Gold Mine disappeared into thin air.

This has seen the Tarime District Commissioner (DC), Mr Glorious Luoga, ordering immediate arrest of all individuals believed to have misappropriated the money paid by the gold mine to a local private company, Ken’ganya Enterprises Limited, instead of the said villages.

“All those who have been receiving this money through Keng’anya Enterprises Limited should be arrested and investigated,” Mr Luoga instructed State organs during a press conference on Tuesday .

Accompanied by members of the Tarime District Defence and Security Committee, the DC said he has formed a special task force to deal with the issue within two weeks, and ensure that the culprits face legal measures.

The bank account number which has been used to receive the money, he said, has been closed and the gold mine has been directed not to continue making any further payment to Keng’anya Enterprise Limited.

So far the company has been paid 16 million US dollars (about 35 billion shillings) by the goldmine; an amount which was supposed to be paid to the villages, according to the Tarime DC.

Mr Luoga also directed the task force which comprises officials from various State organs including PCCB to confiscate and withhold passports of all people linked to the scam.

“This is the money that should have gone to the villages to support development activities and since the issue involves money laundering and economic sabotage, anyone who received the cash from the account should be arrested without considering his title and their property including cars and houses should also be confiscated as investigations continue,” he further directed.

The DC showed several documents proving how the owner of Keng’anya Enterprises, Alloyce Chacha Mosabi, allegedly grabbed the five villages’ right to get one per cent share that they were entitled to from the gold mine since 2005, according to the contract they signed in 1995.

The villages are Nyamwaga, Kerende, Nyangoto, Genkuru and Kewanja.

They all border North Mara Gold Mine which is currently operated by Acacia Mining. “Without being shameful Mosabi subverted the contract between the gold mine and villages of 1995 and transferred its ownership and continued to benefit,” the DC said.

By that time, he said Mosabi was acting as a representative of the villages together with the former Nyamwaga village chairperson, John Joseph.

The dubious contract between the mine and the local private company was entered when the gold mine was under the operations of Placer Dome Tanzania.

According to Mr Luoga, available documents show that Keng’anya Enterprises has been receiving colossal amount of US dollars from the mine since 2005.

“Keng’anya grabbed the right of the villages and he has been receiving money which was supposed to go to villages and help to solve conflicts that we are going through,” he said.

The DC said the bank account number of Keng’anya Enterprises which has been receiving the cash has been frozen and the gold mine ordered not to make any further payment to the local private company.

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Author: DAILY NEWS reporter in Tarime

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