Tapping onto wisdom of top retirees a good move

PUBLIC nakedness is essentially something that is awful and offends the sensibilities of people of sound mind.

One of the exceptions with which I am familiar with is nakedness that relates to animals, which, being God-programmed, neither surprises nor causes offence to the human eye.

Not so for human beings, for whom the state of being wholly minus clothing cover, is extremely awful.

There is an allowance, however, though I may sound mischievous in so saying, for relative tolerance of human nakedness, but which are nonetheless offensive, relates to very young children who take their clothes off during playing sessions in residential neighborhoods, which they probably perceive as bothersome.

The little creatures aptly known as God’s angels aren’t to blame, as they do so innocently. But as they grow older, plus a response to constant rebukes from elders, they drop the bad habit. So distasteful is nakedness, indeed, that in communities and countries the world over, nakedness, which passes for indecent exposure, is legislated against.

Even partial nakedness, ‘advertised’, for instance, through the wearing of mini-skirts, is deeply frowned upon by advocates of moral uprightness.

Now, there’s something called naked truth, a species of truth that, unlike human nakedness that is unpleasant, a reasonable person should acknowledge as positive.

But human nature being what it is, some people elect to either close their eyes or stuff their ears with cotton wool, in respect of what down in their hearts, they know is naked truth.

It’s for no sound reason, other than that, truth is to them hurtful, because it is either the product of the initiatives of someone or a group of those with whom they aren’t in good terms, or who they know, or strongly suspect would benefit immensely from such truth.

A powerful manifestation of such truth was the recent assembly of retired top political leaders and technocrats at the State House in Dar es Salaam, as guests of President John Magufuli.

It was a get-together virtually without precedent, and whose spirit has a great positive bearing on the country. It fits neatly into the Tanzania First clarion call of which incumbent President John Pombe Magufuli is the driving force.

It is crucially significant that, two of the guests, former premiers Frederick Sumaye and Edward Lowassa, are in the political opposition camp, and therefore, technically, rivals of the Establishment.

But political opposition is not synonymous with enmity, something that Mr Lowassa alluded to, when he remarked that he had decamped to the other side for the broader national interest.

It may be recalled, indeed, that, during the 2015 election campaign season, then candidate Magufuli focused more on nationhood or patriotism, political party affiliations being incidental.

Whereas he was the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) flag bearer in pursuit of the presidency, he couched his sentiments in a manner that conceded that CCM was not a party of angels.

That there were negative elements and related tendencies within the establishment as a whole, that he would strive to fix if he were voted into Ikulu.

It’s indeed what he proceeded to do upon securing the post that coveted as it is, he doesn’t perceive it as a license for personal aggrandizement.

He does, instead, see and uses it as a pedestal for fixing various aspects of Tanzanian society, for the collective benefit of his compatriots, as well as restoring part of the lost glory’; loss precipitated by crooks in the form of embezzlers of public funds, looters, ‘mis-managers’ of economic, social and other institutions.

It is instructive that Dr. Magufuli is no power monger, manifested by angrily trashing even remote hints of constitutional amendments for removing term limits, to facilitate his tenancy – as it were – at the white house along the Magogoni beach front.

Back to naked truth, there’s no denying that ours is among the few countries where presidential transition is smooth, and retirees, plus those at vice-presidential and prime ministerial level, as well as the technocratic sphere, are accorded deserved respect.

It is apparent that during the recent get-together, President Magufuli tapped onto the experiences and wisdom of his predecessors, as well as inputs from the rest, for the nation’s good.

Those are constituents of the naked truth which, not surprisingly, are unwelcome to those specializing in trashing even glaring successes of the current government.

But naked truth can’t swap places with outright lies!


Casting an eye on illegal migrants…

Granted, nation-states jealously guard their borders against illegal migrants; else, destabilisation may ensue.

Yet cruelties manifested by separating children from parents and readiness to let immigrant-carrying vessels to sink, are as troubling as they are ‘hilarious-in-reverse’.

During the colonial era, distant relatives of those perpetrating the modern-era cruelties came to Africa uninvited, colonised, tortured and exploited our distant relatives.

If these weren’t illegal immigrants, what were they? Or am I being unwittingly dumb by posing the question?

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