Twaweza like reports are retrogressive, ill timed

THE Fifth Phase Government has proved up to date that it is determined and has made inroads in making sure that it realises the industrialisation dream.

A lot of ground has been covered so far in this regard and a number of projects have been implemented to prove that point. And, nothing can take that away.

The government has placed the country and the economy towards the industrial drive to such an extent that conduce environments have been created in all parts of the country to woo investors.

Many forgotten and abandoned industries have been revived, while new ones were set up. Infrastructural development on the other hand has never been this high.

A lot of mega projects such as the Tazara flyover, the SGR project, Stigler’s Gorge, Tanga-Hoima oil pipeline and Ubungo interchange are at various level of implementation.

These, despite changing the face of the country, are going a long way in creating employment directly and indirectly, while on the other hand opening up opportunities for Tanzanians to benefit.

Besides these and other developments, President Magufuli has become a darling of the bulky of the public as he is the president of the people.

He fights to improve the life of ordinary Tanzanians by removing all social injustices that disadvantage the poor. It is unfortunate, however, that for a reason best known to them, Twaweza has sought to discredit the President and the government through a perception hinged upon a flawed document that is passed for a research.

Twaweza’s report that was released on Thursday highlighted that the approval ratings of President Magufuli had dropped to 55 per cent from 96. The report was quickly dismissed by political commentators and respected researchers describing it as flawed and lacking reality

. They criticised the way the report was conducted, the respondents who are said to be empowered for them to give their opinions and various other research technicalities.

It is unfortunate that Twaweza has stooped so low to promote an agenda aimed at retrogressing the gains of the government and the President.

It is clear that the research is flawed and the organisation knows it. They also know that their research is ill timed and can never bring a true reflection of reality. Every research worth its salt should be credible and reflect reality on the ground.

It is unfortunate that there are some people who pass mediocre work for research in a bid to please the hands that feed them, while throwing caution to the air.

The report, besides being opposite of what is on the ground, goes a long way in discrediting the President and his strides to empower Tanzanians.

Researchers should always do it to the book and not to try to please some sectors. It is vital that when they do such researches, they remove blinkers and open up for reality to prevail.

Otherwise there is every reason to hail the government for what it has done so far and its relationship with its people.

YESTERDAY, this paper reported, among ...

Author: EDITOR

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